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Skirting Boards

1) Introduction.

The necessity of the skirting boards is can be determined from the history. When the walls were plastered with the wet paints. All American usually have skirting boards in their houses, they are usually called the baseboards in American. They are also known by the terms like moldings and kickboards. In European countries like the United Kingdom, they are mainly termed as the skirting boards. A few years back in the late 1700s mop boards was the commonly used term to describe the baseboards. They were named as mop boards because they can mop floor without drenching the plasterboards.

2) What is their Purpose? There are many purposes which these skirting boards serve in our homes. Some of them are mentioned in the following points.

· They are mainly used in hiding the ugly electrical wiring which is left after the wiring is finished.

· There are sometimes gaps left even by the most experienced floor developers. To hide the improper gaping between the walls and the floors. Many contractors use these skirting boards.

· They are also used as a barrier between the walls and the home furniture.

· They can also act as an element to decorate your homes. There are a lot of designs and textures in which they are available in the market.

3) Conclusion. There is a very important purpose behind the use of skirting boards. They are used not only used to protect the walls from the furniture but also to add a design element. There are many questions you might have regarding what kind of skirting boards you should use for the Flooring. You can always ask questions from your interior designer and he/she might be able to suggest you the best design. This said the skirting boards are available both in online stores and by the offline vendors.